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Julia Gaughan

"Julia has inspired leaders and teachers to move out of their comfort zones! Her humour is always appreciated!"


Julia is Ofsted trained and an NCTL accredited Pupil Premium reviewer who has a wide range of recent and relevant school leadership experience as well as working as a local authority Lead Primary Consultant. Her knowledge and understanding of school improvement has led to her being seconded by the LA to schools in Ofsted categories to take up the role of Interim Headteacher. She has secured improvements in the quality of teaching and learning and ensured robust management systems and procedures are in place.

Julia has been an independent advisor for 7 years and has worked with teaching staff at all levels; providing training and development on local and national initiatives as well as bespoke support to meet individual school priorities.


Julia provides a wide range of bespoke support to schools including:

  • Pupil Premium reviews

  • Leadership support and development at all levels

  • School Evaluation and strategic planning

  • Headteacher Performance Management

  • Data analysis

  • Governor Support

Julia has a clear knowledge of what it is like to lead a school in very challenging times never forgetting that all that happens is for the benefit of the pupils and community it serves. She is known for her passion for making a positive difference to the lives of children and young people and is able to quickly build productive and trusting relationships with schools while understanding their different needs, individuality and circumstances.